Message from the President

Be a True Partner to Our Customers

Kobelco Systems’ mission is to respond to our customers’ diverse needs through the synergy between Kobe Steel and IBM.
We have inherited a “dedication to monozukuri (a Japanese approach to manufacturing) and good quality” from Kobe Steel, a manufacturing company with a 100-year history. We have also inherited “first-class innovation know-how” from IBM, a world-class leader in the information service industry. With these dual inheritances, we combine and harmonize the spirit of Japan and excellent ideas from the West.

Today, the world is shifting from real economic activities centered on things to virtual economic activities centered on the Internet. Information technology (IT) and digital technologies are becoming the source of corporate competitiveness in online economic activities.

As the center of value creation in business is rapidly shifting to the digital space, we will keep on increasing and delivering our unique value by continuing to transform ourselves so as to fulfill the new responsibilities and roles required of us. In this way, we will do our utmost to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, including our customers.

Based on the idea that a company should work for the benefit of society, we will make sincere efforts to contribute to society through our corporate activities. We will look forward to developing closer ties with our stakeholders.

Fumihiro Segawa, President & CEO