Business Activities

With the scope of our business operations set to all lifecycle phases and all IT layers of each customer’s information system, we value the experience we gain from our work at customer sites. Based on business expertise and advanced know-how to conceptualize, plan, design, develop, maintain, and operate systems, which are developed from those experience, we provide the seamless high-value services to our customers.

we provide the seamless high-value services to our customers.


As the business environment dramatically changes, we support our customers’ efforts, especially manufacturers’, to become more competitive by helping them develop their IT strategies, carry out the IT-based planning and implementation of operational improvements, and address other challenges.

System Integration

Depending on the customer’s specific challenges and objectives, we select and combine the best solutions and services as a one-stop services to each customer.

Custom development solutions

We support scratch development as well as the renewal of existing systems in customer-specific, strategic operations and differentiated functions. We also modernize complicated, bloated legacy systems.

Packaged solutions

We provide a package selection service that supports the ERP and other packages for businesses of varying sizes across a range of industries, as well as providing services for planning, template offering, installation, and customization.

ICT solutions

We provide services that facilitate the optimal use and stable operation of the entirety of each customer’s ICT infrastructure, the optimization of QCD, the enhancement of information security, as well as the building of clouds.


We provide outsourcing services for customers’ business operations and systems, supporting operation/management and even the improvement of entire systems, including application maintenance and network operations.

Typical Examples of Our Solutions

Typical Examples of Our Solutions