Message from the President

“Appreciation, Pride and Challenge” Be a True Partner to Our Customers

Kobelco Systems’ mission is to respond to our customers’ diverse needs, through the synergy between Kobe Steel and IBM. We have inherited our “dedication to 'monozukuri' (a Japanese approach to manufacturing) and good quality” from Kobe Steel, a manufacturing company with a 100-year history. We have inherited the “first-class IT know-how and processes” from IBM, a world-class leader in the information service industry.

お客様とともに30年 Kobelco Systems celebrate our 30th anniversary this July. We deeply appreciate the constant guidance from our customers. Our appreciation to all those who have supported us throughout the years, our pride in our employees who have shown tremendous growth, and our challenges in the rapidly evolving IT industry are reflected on our newly-created 30th anniversary logo. The three petals of the flower symbolize “appreciation,” “pride” and “challenge.” Based on our experiences and achievements, our company would like to 'bloom' in the future.

We have possessed a wealth of business expertise, built up through first-hand experience in our customers' industries. Kobelco Systems combines this expertise with our know-how concerning the conception, design, development, maintenance and operation of advanced systems, drawing on our group companies' extensive experience in constructing IT systems worldwide. Based on this combination, we devise and provide integrated, comprehensive solutions that are optimized for each customer throughout the entire system-building cycle, from planning down to operation.

The progress of digital technology innovation, such as for Cloud/IoT platforms, AI/Cognitive, etc. has been accelerating significantly in the recent environment surrounding the IT industry. The expectation for IT has changed from “improving efficiency” to “contributing to business.” Also, customer expectation toward IT service companies such as ourselves has changed from “IT Vendor” to “IT Partner,” who the customers can rely on to discuss IT utilization and to support their business.

Our corporate vision is “to share our customers' visions, and to contribute always to their growth and their endeavors, through IT solutions and services grounded in our dependable expertise and outstanding skills.” As IT professionals, we will do our utmost to help our customers strengthen their business foundations and continue to provide values to them. We will strive to grow alongside our customers as a “true and reliable partner.” We look forward to continuing to develop our ties with our stakeholders while at the same time building relationships with new business partners as well.

Yoshio Tano, President & CEO